Wednesday afternoons can be deadly. You’ve already worked a million hours this week, Friday evening feels as far away as your nineties and the clock’s given up the ghost in trying to move time along.

But. It could be worse, you know? A Monday, for instance.

Now that you feel better, hit subscribe. This is a personal newsletter which absolves me of the responsibility of telling you what I will be writing about. But an incomplete list would look like this:

  • That evening when I took a stroll and ended up getting splashed from a puddle by a car

  • Global warming

  • Deep researched article on a tech topic

  • Photos I took when travelling to [insert next destination]

  • Modi

  • And many more things

As you can see, there’s a nice theme emerging - everything in the world is connected. And ultimately, things could be worse.

So, cheer up and please subscribe.

These are fun times,