When Smartphones are replaced by Smartworlds

It is a given that in the future technology will pervade the currently untouched parts of our life and existence. It is either incredibly exciting or unbelievably scary depending on your point of view.

Here’s peek into Ab’s life of the future.

Ab wakes up thanks to the gentle vibrations of his bed that had become just a little warmer to bring him out of his sleep cycle at exactly 6 AM. This time, his bed had determined, after tracking his sleep pattern for a week, was ideal for Ab to wake up so he remains fresh, well slept and ready to take on the day. Also, his bed monitors the outside temperature variations and adjusts its own temperature so its always constant and allows him the most comfortable deep sleep.

Ab wakes to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. His coffee maker had kicked-in 10 minutes back as the bed sent an ‘Ab waking soon’ status to his HomeSys.

Ab brushes with a brand of paste that has the best results for his teeth and gums. He knows this because his brush says so. His brush sends out a ‘daily oral status’ for him to track. It takes its job quite seriously. Sometimes, Ab discovers that his brush has scheduled much-dreaded dentist appointments in his calendar. It is, of course, at a convenient time for both him and the dentist. In fact, knowing his nature, his dentist’s scheduling bot always sends him a friendly ping a day in advance telling him about his upcoming visit.

As he rinses his mouth, Ab’s brush sends out another status update. The toilet seat rises and warms itself to a comfortable temperature. Ab does his most pleasurable activity of the day as his favorite feeds stream to him in the air in front of him. Then he steps into the shower and claps. It starts at exactly the temperature he likes. Normally, it is set to start automatically even as he steps in but Ab finds that single lack of control terrifying.

HomeSys offers Ab immense customisability.

If he so desired, he could make all of these sensors shut down and plunge himself into the dark ages of smartphones and laptops. He shudders just thinking about how people survived then.

Ab’s shower system has recommendations for Ab. It is waiting on his approval to change his shampoo and sends out a request for an additional moisturizer. Ab ignores it like always much to its chagrin. After showering, he dries himself with a towel. He cannot yet afford the InstaDry module for his shower. He deposits the towel into the laundry rack. Every day, this is consolidated across his house, sealed into smaller bags, labelled and deposited in the pick up area for his apartment.

His bathroom sends out a ‘Ab coming out’ alert to rest of home which kicks into gear from sleep mode. Ab stares at himself in the dressing table mirror which is filled with readings on his fitness, health and beauty. It has concluded that he needs to run tonight for 35 minutes based on his weight and other readings from his bed, shower and bathroom.

Ab gets dressed. His wardrobe sends out its laundering needs — Ab’s clothes for next week. Around noon his HomeSys sends out a ping to Ab’s favorite laundry service to do a milk run for pickup.

Ab’s wardrobe recommends a pair for Ab today based on his schedule and the weather outside. He winces at having to wear a suit but its cold outside and he has an important meeting with some business heads in his calendar.

He feels like having some toast today with his coffee but his fridge has other plans. It is recommending cereal and fruits and sternly warns him about the brewing coffee. Ab has overridden the NutritionSys to allow him coffee everyday. It is an ongoing point of friction in his kitchen. Ab takes a moment to bring up the menu on top of his fridge to pick his menu for the coming weeks. He lets the system decide the order and schedule in a way that’s optimal in terms of nutrients and calories.

The coffee is at perfect heat and the aroma is enchanting. Ab settles down to have his breakfast.

A little later in the day, his KitchenSys will interface with the HomeSys for groceries that are needed. The HomeSys will in fact receive requests from all sub-systems in the house. It will then place a consolidated order with the local home supplies hub.

As he steps out of his house, Ab pauses to check all vitals of his home. His PowerSys indicates that he is trending above his typical power usage and identifies that his new home weather system is the reason. Ab is not happy about it and he lets his PowerSys add an automatic update to that system’s public review. With enough homes communicating this way, new consumers would get a better idea on performance.


Its 1.30 in the afternoon and Ab’s stomach is grumbling. He had missed his lunch schedule of 1 PM with the investor meeting going longer. His watch is sending out several vibration alerts which he had ignored.

As he leaves the meeting, his MobileSys (that he has chosen to look like a ring) reschedules the rest of the day based on this change. It lets his car know the updated route and his lunch plan is now changed to delivery to his office.

Ab’s FinSys auto pays this. In fact, he does not remember that last time he even initiated a transaction by himself. Based on the last update from the FinSys, he is tracking to budget this month and it didn’t need any additional approvals from him. In fact, Ab has configured his finance system to make a 10% cut if possible from his food and entertainment expense and create a liquid savings for an upgraded model of Tesla he is eyeing.


Ab’s food arrives just as he does at his office. The ShoppingSys takes care of this. It coordinates with the individual restaurant systems to order and schedule deliveries. The delivery guy then does a milk run in his van which automatically routes him in the right way. He quickly places it on the common delivery bay and leaves. It would be waiting for Ab to pick up from his floor.

Thankfully, Ab took a much recommended energy bar from his in-car food cabin. He heads up to his floor, picks up his food and settles in his desk to eat. His desk status changes letting his co-workers know that he is unavailable currently.


Ab’s mental tracking is trending yellow at 4. He had a really crappy meeting with Ed. His PersonalSys automatically adds a negative review into Ed’s system. Similarly Ed’s system adds its own review for Ab. The corporate tracking system weighs these reviews along with supporting data and the overall reviews of the rater to determine promotions, firing and appraisals. Further this goes into the personal relationship system that tracks status and manages future correspondence.


At 6 pm, Ab’s mental vitals are trending poorly and his PersonalSys recommends leaving work for the day. It has a few suggestions, movie, dinner with friends and chill at home. It also throws up the most likely group of friends who are likely to accept dinner invitations based on their calendar, mood and the strength of their current relationship.

Ab feels like a movie that too in the special immersive experience hall that has opened up in the city. His PersonalSys quickly makes a schedule for the evening along with plans for dinner. His HealthSys is unhappy but ominously lets him know that the coming days are going to be military like

Ab is looking forward to the movie.

To be continued…