Are we ready for the looming water disaster

Water-pills are getting more expensive by the day. The international water-mafia have begun colluding. Governments, lobbied heavily by these vested interests, are turning a blind eye to this. The ‘Browns’ are meeting in India for a patchy alliance that will take on the ‘Blues’. Dry-shower businesses are booming. The water wars are beginning.

That was the setting for a short-story I wrote more than a decade back. Water pills would hydrate you and remove thirst from your brain (back then, I was certain we’d be eating food through pills by now — we are probably getting there). Blues were people (countries) with abundant water and Browns were those without. And silly season ensues. On hindsight it wasn’t particularly great storytelling by any means.

I had forgotten all about it until recently when I’ve started to think about it frequently. Somehow, parts of the story felt very real — like a slightly exaggerated view of a future we are hurtling towards.